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Mentor, Business coach and online marketing strategist to female CEOs!

I went from a life of homelessness, fostercare, and chronic poverty to building a 6-figure coaching and consulting empire!

It all started last year when I left my corporate job.. (Oh and my waitressing job too! Yes I worked two jobs for YEARS just to pay rent.)

I made the big scary leap, decided to trade in my Masters in Counseling leverage my bachelors in psychology, and went ALL IN.

6 months later I scaled to a 6 figure income and had a line of women who I mentored all getting massive results in their business from my strategies.

With the power of my laptop I've built an international coaching and consulting company.

I have mastered the power of marketing psychology to leverage social media, sales, book out my practice, and to sell out my programs over and over again!

My passion lies in showing you how to do the same!

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